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A few Common Misconceptions About Insurance

There are many misconceptions about all types of insurance. Which do you fall for?

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One misconception is that if you get an insurance quote, the price you see is the price you will pay. False. A quote is simply a preliminary price that needs to be fine-tuned. Insurance companies will give you a quote based on the information you provide. If that information provided isn't accurate, your quote could change once it is time to issue a policy.

Another misconception is that "Full Coverage" will cover everything. The term "Full Coverage" means your auto policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage. This covers damage to your vehicle from various perils or named risks on your policy. Having a full coverage policy doesn't mean you are covered for every event.  Make sure to talk to your insurance agent to make sure you understand what is covered and what isn't. 

Do you think purchasing a RED vehicle costs more to insure? Great news, it doesn't! Your insurance premium is based on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Insurance carriers do not take color into account.

A big misconception is that State Minimum Limits Liability coverage is all you need on your auto insurance. Although this is all the coverage that the State requires to be legal on the roadway, by purchasing minimum limits liability coverage you risk paying more out-of-pocket costs if you have an accident. This can be very pricey and lead to lawsuit if your State minimum limits liability coverage proves to not be enough to cover the property damage or injury you have caused. It is not only your insurance agent's job to protect your assets, the responsibility rests with you as well.   It's always a great idea to contact your insurance agent to help debunk the misconceptions.

Article By: Jenn Devere, Licensed Agent at Darnielle Insurance

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A few Common Misconceptions About Insurance

There are many misconceptions about all types of insurance. Which do you fall for?


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