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Did you know that the new grill guard you had mounted on your pickup truck may not be covered if damaged in an accident?

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Did you know that the new grill guard you had mounted on your pickup truck may not be covered if damaged in an accident? Because the grill guard was not "stock" equipment, your insurance company probably is not obligated to replace it if it were damaged. But, you can add coverage for customized parts & equipment to your auto insurance policy for a minimal fee.

The following are some more examples of what is meant by non-factory parts or customized equipment.

  • Any permanently installed audio or visual equipment installed by anyone other than the auto manufacturer, such as: radios & stereos, tape decks, CD players, DVD players.

  • Any custom vehicle part that modifies the vehicles appearance or performance, such as: custom wheels, tires, tachometers, pressure & temperature gauges. Custom murals, paint, decals, or other graphics. Modified or custom engines & fuel systems, roll bars, lift kits, winches, utility boxes and tool boxes. Interior work such as special carpeting and seat covers.

Ask your insurance agent to give you a quote adding coverage for your custom parts & equipment and then you can decide if you want the extra protection.

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