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The Value of Having a Local Agent

Carving out that time to sit down with an agent and do a thorough review of your insurance needs will ultimately save you considerable time each year when your policies renew.

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You can walk in my door, sit down and have one-on-one attention as you're obtaining quotes for your personal insurance, discussing the insurance needs of your business, or asking for some assistance with your policy, a payment or a claim.

"Wow... I'm too busy...can't I handle this over the phone or internet?" Obviously there are insurance companies that make it their business to deal direct with you and not involve a local sales agent. What you connect yourself to is automated answering systems asking you to "Please press option 1 for auto and home, please enter your policy number (oh darn, where is that number?), we know that you would rather speak with a live person but all our representatives are busy....."

Carving out that time to sit down with an agent and do a thorough review of your insurance needs will ultimately save you considerable time each year when your policies renew. At renewal time you focus mainly on what had changed in your life (did we remodel the house, our teenage son has his driver's license now, our college aged daughter has left home for life on campus and taken some fairly expensive computer equipment with her...as well as her car.)

Focus on change – whether that change involves you and your household, your business, or possibly changes in your insurance policy. When the groundwork has been laid and you have a quality policy then discussing the changes is easy.

At Darnielle Insurance I expect my staff to greet you promptly, return all phone calls the same day they are received, take whatever time is necessary to discuss any and all issues you bring to us, and to give you the comfort that we are looking out for you. We respect your time and our goal is to be prepared and efficient.

At the consumer level you can't be expected to be an expert in managing your own personal and professional risk. We work very hard taking ongoing professional continuing education to maintain our insurance license, we belong to the state association of independent agents allowing access to considerable industry knowledge and experience. Darnielle Insurance is a locally owned business, actively supporting the Billings community.

We want to sit with you, listen, and guide you as you navigate the often times confusing world of insurance to be sure that we address your questions, prepare proposals from several insurance companies for your consideration, and give you choices in coverage options or deductibles to help you make the decision that is uniquely right for you.

Take time... make time... to have a conversation with a local agent. You will have access, knowledge, and advocacy.

Please let your local, neighborhood agency work for you!

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