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During the summer months, the number of motorcycles on the roads increases drastically. Here are a few tips.

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Attention Drivers

During the summer months, the number of motorcycles on the roads increases drastically. Car and truck drivers have a responsibility to be aware of these extra vehicles on the road, and yes, share the responsibility of practicing motorcycle safety with motorcyclists. Here are a few tips for car and truck drivers.

  • Due to their small size, motorcycles are difficult to see, and drivers often unintentionally ignore them. Make a point of looking for them this summer when it is certain that there will be many on the roads.
  • Think of motorcyclists as people—not vehicles.
  • It can be difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed because of their size, so avoid pulling out in front of them if you think they might be at all close.
  • Be aware that motorcyclists often slow by downshifting or rolling off the throttle, failing to activate their break lights.
  • Be aware that it is easy for a motorcycle to get lost in your blind spots as a result of its small size. Be ever—diligent when you know a motorcycle is near.

Attention Motorcyclists

Here are some safety tips to ensure enjoyable and safe riding this summer.

  • Take a motorcycle safety course. Not only will it help you to stay safe, but it may also entitle you to a discount on your motorcycle insurance! (Visit: motorcycle.msun.edu)
  • Make sure your headlights work and are on night and day.
  • Wear protective clothing, such as a helmet, eye protection, long sleeves and pants made from thick material, boots, and gloves, and always wear bright colors or reflective gear.
  • Be aware of blind spots that car and truck drivers have, and use lane positioning to be seen easily.
  • Even if you slow by downshifting or rolling off the throttle, flash your break lights so that others know what you are doing.
  • Pretend that you are invisible, as you very well might be to car and truck drivers.
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